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Stage Hazer Reviews – Best Haze Machine Review – 2021

Stage Hazer Reviews

Best Stage Hazer Reviews

Stage Hazer Reviews

A really excellent hazer can mean the difference between an average stage lighting show and a spectacular one. Hazers can transform an average light effect into an immerse stunning, enhancing mood, creating ambiance, and providing an immersive experience for your audience. Hazers are not all created equal. Hence, we have done our homework to provide you with the best stage hazers in 2021.

I hope these Stage Hazer Reviews will help you find the info you need to purchase or rent a stage  hazer for your event or venue. A good hazer is a great investment. Properly used – it will last you for years.

Tip – You will also need to buy the right fluid for each haze machine. Fog machines and hazer machines each heat the fog fluid/ haze fluid at a specific temperature. Using the wrong fluid will clog up your haze machine. You will have poor output and your light show will not look as good.

Tip – Some of these hazers have a shut down/self-clean mode. Let them run each time you are done using them. Do not just unplug the haze machine.

Best Hazer Brands (Large Venue)

1. MDGTop Stage Hazers

2. Reel EFX

3. Look Solutions

4. Ultratec

5. Master FX

6. Antari

7. Lemaitre

8. Hazebase

Top Large Venue Haze Generator

DF-50 Reel EFX Hazer Oil Reviews

More details of each haze machine on the chart down below.

Best Haze Machine Brands (Small Venue)

1. LemaitreMy Favorite Stage Hazers

2. Look Solutions

3. Chauvet Pro

4. Antari

5. Ultratec

6. Chauvet DJ

7. Blizzard

8. ADJ

Top Small Venue Hazer

Unique 2 2.1 Hazer Look Solutions

  • Lemaitre MVS
  • Look Solutions Unique 2.1
  • Ultratec Radiance
  • Chauvet Amhaze Whisper
  • Antari F-1 Fazer
  • ADJ Entourage
  • Blizzard Atmosfear Tour HZ

Haze Machines That I Like

The Reel EFX Diffusion DF 50 is my top recommended hazer in terms of performance. There is no heat-up time, and it performs instantly from when you turn the switch. The oil based haze is not only cost-efficient, but it provided a superb haze for your stage lighting effects. The DF 50 provides ample hang time with no odor, and its triple filter system makes it one of the cleanest on the market. The only drawback is that it can be a bit noisy without the case, but it steals the show with its features and performance.

 The  Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer was almost as impressive. It offers a 99 step variable output with really economical water based fluid consumption. The built-in haze density control system gives you added control, and the separate fan and pump control give this unit the edge. It runs quietly, which is a bonus.

Haze Machines That I Don’t Like

The Antari F-350 has a tendency to clog up a lot, even with the correct fluid. The haze machine is also noisier than other hazers in its category. When it works, it does deliver a quality haze, but who wants to spend their time cleaning out a machine instead of using it?

The Jem Martin hazer also needs frequent cleaning, and their output is inconsistent. For the price, I would definitely make another choice in the brand. The Jem K1 also has a bad smell in comparison and makes it a hazer I don’t like.

Best Hazers (Chart)


Fluid at Max

120 v - Watts

Fluid Cost


Self Clean


1.86 oz per hour

715 watt

$79 1 gallon



Reel EFX DF-50 non DMX

2 oz per hour

400 watt

$60 1 gallon



Look Solutions Unique 2.1

10 ml per min

1500 watt

$55 2 liter



Ultratec Radiance Hazer

6.7 cc per min

550 watt

$74 2 liter



Hazebase Base Hazer Pro

0,6 ltr per hour

1200 watt

$64 5 liter



Master FX Mystic

.36 liter per hour

1500 watt

$50 1 gallon



Antari HZ-1000

2.2 ml per min

1150 watt

$17 1 liter



Click Here Chart – Large Version with more information

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Years ago I was working in bars and clubs. I would rent equipment, install new equipment, and maintain existing equipment. If I walked into a club and saw they were using black label fog fluid. I knew I could find ways to make money. Their fogger or hazer would not be running right. Most of the time I just cleaned out their machine. Put in the right fluid and charged them. Using the wrong fluid clogs up hazers and fogger. Which was good for me and bad for them.

Best Haze Machine for Film

The best Hazer for Film and Studio work is the MDG ATMe.

  • Longest hang time
  • Smallest particles – 0.5 – 0.7 micron (DF-50 is 1 micron)
  • APS™ (Automatic Purging System)
  • Pure white haze

Best Hazer for Church

Most people would say MDG ATMe is the best hazer for a church. But most churches do not want to pay that much for one piece of equipment.

My Recommended Church Stage Hazer

Look Solutions Unique 2.1 is the best hazer any church can buy. This hazer has a shut down cycle were it gets ride of the extra fluid in the heater. It cleans it self each time you shut it down. I personally own 3 of them and I really enjoy the Output – Size – and Fluid usage. You can set it at 10 pump and 10 fan. It will constantly put out the same low amount of haze. Or turn it up it will work for great with church lighting systems.

  • 1 min heat up time
  • at max output – 10 ml per min
  • 2 DMX channels
  • Variable output – 0-100%
  • 1500 watt heater – You will want to plug this into its own circuit.
  • Fluid cost $55 for a 2 liter bottle
  • It weighs 27 pounds
  • Unit price is $1570

How to Maintain Your Hazer

Choose the correct fluid. Even the best hazer machines will not operate well, unless you use the correct fluid for your chosen machine. Each hazer has different temperature settings suited to particular kinds of fluids to produce its remarkable stage lighting effects. Using oil-based fluid in a water-based hazer will cause clogging and residue and may shorten the lifespan of your machine.

Keep your hazer clean 

If your hazer has a shut down/self-clean mode, you should use it to ensure your hazers run at peak performance. Otherwise, follow the cleaning routine suggested in your user manual or follow these steps after every 40 hours of operation or after long periods when not in use:

  • Create a cleaning solution of 20% vinegar and 80% distilled water
  • Clean your front nozzle with white vinegar and a pipe cleaner and ensure the hole is free from debris
  • Empty all haze liquid and pace your cleaning solution in its place
  • Run your unit in a well-ventilated area until the tank is empty
  • Replace nozzle
  • Unplug and refill with good quality hazing fluid

Related Questions

Do Hazers and Fog Machines Leave a Residue?

Oil-based hazers, especially the older models, may leave an oily residue on objects nearby its operation, so it’s best to ensure equipment that has cooling fans some distance away. If you don’t use your oil-based haze too thickly, it shouldn’t be a problem you encounter in one session but rather over time. The newer models improve leaps and bounds in residues, so you might look into updating if you are having residue problems.

Smoke machines have particles that can collect on surfaces, especially if placed too close to a hard surface. Ensure you use high-quality smoke fluid, and you can achieve the same effects with less residue build-up.

The haze machine should be placed properly and elevated from the floor, and you should use the correct fluid for the haze machine, and condensation should not be a problem.

Does a Fog Machine Make the Floor Wet?

If you use a large amount of fog fluid or operate a machine incorrectly, you may end up with some residue on the floor. Fog fluid is a glycerin compound suspended in oil or water, and as you can see in nightclubs, the machines can run for most of the night without noticeable moisture effects on the floor. The fog machine must be running correctly, and the heating element is heating the fog fluid enough for the proper suspension of particles. 

What are the Best Brands of Fog Juice or Haze Fluid?

A general rule of thumb is that the best fluid for your haze machine is the one that is recommended by the manufacturer. Each unit has a unique design and is made with a specific haze fluid in mind, and experimenting with fluids will end up costing you time (cleaning) and money (repairs.)

Can You Use a Fog Machine Inside?

Although you may use a fog machine and haze machine inside, they may coat the objects in the room with residue film. You should ensure that you do not use the device around costly fabrics or furniture that might be damaged by the residue. You should also make sure that there is plenty of ventilation, so the fog does not all accumulate in one space, as this may affect your breathing and vision.

Are Haze Machines Safe to Breathe?

The chemicals used in haze machines are not toxic and nor are they carcinogenic or asthma-inducing. In fact, glycerol can be safely ingested at 30ml doses, three times daily, without harm. 

The Actor’s Equity Association has fairly rigorous safety standards and allows actor exposure at 40mg of haze/fog fluid per cubic meter, which is a very dense fog level.

The only legitimate concerns are that prolonged exposure may cause dryness in the throat, nose, and eyes, which are an irritant rather than a safety concern.

Are Haze Machines Safe?

Haze machines only become unsafe if they are operated incorrectly or contrary to manufacturer instructions. Under Heated fog fluid may cause fluid residue, while overheated fog fluid may cause harmful byproducts. Fog fluids have two main ingredients, one active and one de ionized water. 

The active ingredient is triethylene glycol, glycerin, or a mixture of both these ingredients. Care should be taken to ensure the machine that you intend to use is compatible with the water based fluid to prevent overheated or under heated fluid.

They are an electrical device that makes them prone to the same safety hazards of other electrical devices. The machine should always be plugged into a suitably grounded outlet, and the extension must match the machine wattage.

There should be sufficient ventilation around the machine, and the fog must be directed into an open space, not at people or other objects. Care should be taken not to touch the heated nozzle during operation.

Can A Hazer or Fog Machine Set off a Fire Alarm?

Some forms of fog machines may set off the ionizer-based fire alarm detectors but will fail to engage heat-based fire detectors. Hazer machines are less likely to set the ionizer-type detectors off than fog machines unless you fill a poorly ventilated space unnecessarily. Fogger type machines have a larger particle size and are more likely set off fire detectors.

What is the Difference Between a Fog Machine and a Hazer?

Hazers are used to enhance light effects and cause a fine haze with extended hang time. They produce a finer effect than smoke or fog machines because they are designed to enhance light effects rather than forming the effect itself. Hazers use a mix of water and glycerin or glycol, while spray hazers use a water-based or mineral-based fluid oil.

Smoke or fog machines use a fluid to create thick white smoke for engaging visual effects. The heated smoke rises and dissipates around a room while low fog machines create cold liquid particles that remain close to the ground. Smoke machines use dry ice or liquid CO2 gas, depending on the specific machine to produce smoke. 


Choosing the right stage hazer can make all the difference to your stage performance and set you apart from your competition. With all these great hazers available, ensure that you clean and survive your haze machine, use the correct fluids, and operate your haze machine safely and correctly. These actions will improve your unit’s performance and ensure that you get the proper lifespan from your haze machine.

When you are looking to buy or rent a haze machine. Keep these things in mind – How are you going to control the hazer? (DMX control, Onboard Control or Remote Control) – Do you need Water Based Haze or Oil Fluid? – How much haze output do you need? (Variable Control) 

The Best Haze Machine Will Last You For a Long Time

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