Corporate Lighting Gel Kit – Rosco Color Filters

Corporate Lighting Gel Kit

Corporate Lighting Gel Kit

Corporate Lighting Gel KitCorporate Lighting Gel Kit Rosco CTB 202

Since I mostly light corporate events. I do not need a lot of different Gel colors. You can use Half CTB to change the color temperature of conventional lights. Then you can add Diffusion to soften the edges of the light. I organize my corporate lighting gel kit with manila folders. These manila folders are also cut down and labeled CTB lekos, Diffusion Lekos, CTB Pars and Diffusion Pars. You do not need the CTB for LED lekos But you can still use the Diffusion gels.

Listed below are the items I keep in my gel kit –
  • Case Logic ipad Soft CaseCorporate Lighting Gel Kit Rosco Half CTB
  • 6 Leko – Gel Frames
  • Color Correction
    • – Lee 202 – 1/2 CTB Gel
  • Diffusion
    • – Rosco 132 – 1/4 Hamburg Frost
    • – Rosco 119 – Light Hamburg Frost
    • – Rosco 114 – Hamburg Frost
  • Manila File Folders – Cut to Fit
  • Sharpie – Black and Silver
  • Scissors – Utility Knife

I tried different Gels – 1/4 CTB, full CTB but I like the 1/2 the best. Either with a 575 or 750 lamp. The whites end up looking better on camera.  Using color correction together with Diffusion you should be able to get a good looking stage wash. With this in mind, try out different gels and see what works for you.

Tell us below what you carry in your Lighting Gel Kit?

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Corporate Lighting Gel

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