Become a Better Lighting Designer in 2020

Tips to Become a Better LD

Tips to become a better LDIt doesn’t matter if your are L1, L2, Lighting tech or a stage hand. Everyone should be learning from each job they do and from the different people they work with. Basically, You can become a better lighting designer by NOT doing things that other people do. Using the same preset colors, same default effects, same positions over and over again – gets boring.

Learning from other LDs.

In the beginning of my career – I never really got to work with other LDs. The smaller companies I worked with didn’t hire a L2 (ALD). Later in my career  – The companies I work with now hire a bunch of people I get to work with and learn from. I make it a goal to meet 2 new LDs each year. When I am working with a touring LD or out of town LD – I limit myself to asking them one real question (per day). Like  – How did you do that? Why did you do that? Where did you learn that?

It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box. Tim Ferriss

become a great LDLearn From Each Person You Meet

What did you learn this year or last year. What did you do with that information. Did you use it and make it your own. Or did you learn something new and decide it is not something for you. You can find inspiration in anything. Movies, TV shows, Award Shows, Concerts. Challenge yourself you change it up and do it a little different. That is what will make you a better Lighting Designer.

Change Up Your Lighting

4 different videos from 4 different LDs

Here is a Different way to make a position – MA2

Punting – Busking Attributes – MA2

Setup up custom FX Forms – MA2

Better Bumps – MA2

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